Target groups

Target groups in trainings

The workshops are primarily aimed at people from 3 settings: 

  • Caring setting: Nurses, psychologists, doctors, social workers (from out-of-school contexts)
  • Educating setting: Teachers, pedagogues, elementary-educators (from the-mainly-curricular context)
  • Counselling setting: Trainers, coaches, also social workers, and pedagogues; and their participants in e.g. courses for jobseekers.


Target group for the developed training material (Manual)

  • People working in LGBTIQ-organisations who need training material and good instructions how to realise a training.


Target group for the developed material (“Spotlight exercises”)

  • All educators (Trainer, teacher) who attend the Q-Learning trainings as teachers/trainers of the respective courses.
  • All educators who want to sensitise for queer issues in the regular lessons,

for example in a History lesson talking about the Holocaust and all different groups of victims; then a