The project has four phases:


  1. Workshop planning:
    A literature review, short interviews with experienced trainers in the LGBTIQ field regarding the main training contents, planning meetings with peers and a steering committee form the basis for the training development.
  2. Awareness-raising workshops (SWS) – Round 1:
    This phase focuses on testing, evaluating and adapting the workshop design; Austria will focus on the “educating setting”, Hungary on the “caring setting” and both countries will conduct workshops in the counselling setting.
  3. Awareness raising workshops (SWS) – Round 2:
    Re-testing, evaluation, and finalisation of the workshop design. Both countries will conduct workshops in all settings. The final versions will be compiled in a manual.
  4. Finalisation and dissemination of results:
    Finally, the manual and Spotlight Exercises are disseminated among LGBTIQ organisations, in two forms: Both online and face-to-face.